Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feb. 9, 2008 ~Break

Four days off! I can breathe a sigh of relief. I decided to spend this little break slightly different. This was apparent as the turbulance began...did I mention I was thousands of feet above the Colorado Rockies. Nothing too significant other than I didn't want to have the same fate as the plane in "Lost" (maybe now was ironic timing for Bart and I to become addicted to that show). Needless to say, we landed just perfect! A small enternity later, I found myself standing on the curb at the Denver International Airport. It was crazy to think that just several hours before I had left a slate gray, wintery, and 20 degrees cold Salt Lake City, UT. Here I was now, gazing at the beautiful landscape. Blue sky with small tufts of thin cottony clouds, calm prairie landscape, snow painted mountains, and 50 degrees! Breath taking.

I'm actually here to watch Jamie's 3 kids: Matthew-4, Ashley-3, and Brandon-18mo. We swapped. I came here and Jeff and Jamie went to Utah. Yeah right, they actually went to Hawii (lucky ducks). No I'm not crazy. And her kids are so cute! I love it! I'm always up for an adventure.