Sunday, January 26, 2014


Today I got to sit in sharing time with Little Bear's class. During one song they played a game..."all the kids with pink on stand up", etc. at one point it was, "all kids with blue eyes stand up and sing". 

A little while later Koda was picking at his eyes and wining. I asked him what was wrong and I thought he was trying to tell me something was in his eye. So I looked and couldn't see anything. He kept pulling at his eye...finally I understood...he said something like, "take it out, take it out, I want blue eyes". It was kind of funny silly and sad at the same time. He was really trying to take out his eyeball. My little man...hopefully we can get him passed this. :(

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My Little Baby Growing Up

Koda is getting so big!!!!! Several times a day he stretches all the way out (on the kitchen table, on the couch, on a mattress, next to me, etc) and says mom "I'm getting bigger". It's so cute how he likes to measure his size. We need to start marking his height on the wall. :-) 

However, my little boy still has remanants of my little baby. Last week I caught him rubbing the edge of his blanket to fall asleep. He's done this ever since he was a baby. He likes the soft minky blankets. And he still sometimes does it. 

I miss my little baby, but get so excited for my grown up boy.