Thursday, February 27, 2014


Wow!!! What to say...I think I have so much to say that it's actually keeping me from saying anything. 

From the moment of Kai's birth, I have wanted to remember every single detail. I wish every single detail was recorded. But...I've realized that's not possible. So, I will just do a partial post.

Our sweet little Kai was born Feb 18, 2014. He was 7lbs and 19" long. He has so much hair. It's a light brown with red glints. He is more red than he is brown...but not as fair as Kashe.

He has big, bright eyes. When he is awake, he is alert and calm. His big eyes seem to be taking in as much if the world around his as possible. 

Michelle, our birthmom, is my hero. She, like Karissa and Cheyenne, is truly amazing. So stalwart and sure of her decision. She is mature beyond her age of 21. She is frank and too the point. She tells you how it is. She doesn't show a lot of emotion, but keeps it inside. She is kind and sweet, but tells you how it is. I love this!!! I have really wanted to make sure that she feels special and unique in her situations. I don't want her to feel like she has to fit in to the mold of our other birth moms. And she doesn't. She is perfectly unique in her own way. I live her so much!!!!

She banded me at the hospital. So I got to be with Kai for his first bath. He was awake and alert through the entire thing. He was so precious!!! 

Kai continues to be the best baby!!! He is calm and chill. He is seriously so adorable and we love him so much!!! I love cuddling him and kissing his cute little cheeks!

Today we did out first little photo shot with Bluebird. So adorable!!!