Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Boys

I can hardly believe I'm a mom of three boys. It has been very rewarding, fun, wonderful, and exciting. But… It has also been very difficult, frustrating, tiring, and hard.

Koda started School last week. His teacher is Ms Paulette. He loves it and it's been so fun to watch him grow up. He gets to take the bus to school and right it home. It was so cute…the first time he got on the bus, he found his friend Crew. We spotted the boys almost ready to get on the bus and they were holding hands. It was so adorable! Crew is his little bestie! Koda is enjoying learning. And is having fun making friends. He looks so cute with his little backpack on!!!

Kashe gets to start school this week. He got to meet his teacher last week Ms Anna. And he made his own little school bag. He's had his cast on now for probably about five weeks. And it's been very difficult. For this little go-getter… It's been really hard for him not to be able to get around. Unfortunately, his frustration has been manifested by a lot more tantrums and anger. Sometimes he just wakes up mad. Poor little guy!!! I hope his leg heels fast. 

Kai is a happy little baby. He's absolutely adorable!! We just had his six month check up… He is in the 47% tile for height and weight. He's so cute. Dr. Wilcox said he is moving a lot more than others his age. He said he will probably be crawling by the end of the week… Which hasn't happened yet, and I'm grateful for that. He was very active at his appointment. He also had a little cough already. And he's teething, one tooth has popped through the gums and the other one is almost there. And then he had to get three shots. Poor little guy!!! For the rest of the day he was very fussy and cried a lot. And he didn't really try to move which was so sad. Oh, and he also had an ear infection. So he's now on antibiotics for that. Ruff week!!
Kai at the doctors

I love my boys! Let's get ready for another week! Bring it on!

Monday, August 18, 2014

6 mo

Kai guy burgers and fries is 6 mo old today!!!! It's so crazy how fast these 6 mo have gone by. 

He can hold his own bottle. He still drinks 6 oz every 3 hours. He eats last around 830p and goes to sleep around 9p. He then sleeps until 7a. He rocks on his hands and knees. He rolls and spins all over. He plays with toys and has such a cute laugh. He has chewed on carrots. Tried rice cereal. And loves to eat crackers. For the most part he is a happy baby. He has been a little fussy lately when he sees me and I don't pick him up and when his "almost coming in 2 bottom teeth" start bugging him. He loves his big brothers. He loves his paci