Sunday, September 25, 2011


We absolutely love AF Canyon!! We haven't gone nearly enough this summer. This was our last little dinner up there. Hopefully we will get up there a couple more times before Autumn is over. The easiest dinner/fast trip is to cook a crock pot meal at home and then just bring that up for dinner. However, this time we were wishing we had firewood. It was quite chilly. 

Koda is going through different phases. Just a few weeks ago he loved looking right at the camera, smiling, and saying cheese. Now, no matter what I say, he doesn't want to look up. So, here he is in the trees. His most favorite thing was throwing rocks into the river and lake. He could do it all day and never tire.  

Kashe was so cute! He got all bundled up and seemed to love being out in nature. 

He is always full of smiles. 

Summer Fun

This summer we got the passes of all passes (7 Peaks, Trafalga, & Liberty Land). We've used them a handful of times. It's been so much fun going to 7 Peaks with the boys. They both love the water.  

Kashe didn't quite make it through the day. He fell asleep. It was so hot though... and so I sat by the kiddie pool and kept spooning cool water on him.

Koda loved the inner tubes!! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Growing Up!

Wow, I can't believe it has been soooo long since the last post. Where have I been??? Life has been pretty hectic. Even when I'm home resting the boys keep me busy and make it difficult to sit down and blog. When I do get a break I need to clean, pay bills, and sleep. I'm loving every minute!! Well mostly...haha.

I thought I would give a quick run down on everything since there has been so much going on lately.

In June I got a new job working on a Shock Trauma Unit, I love it! It's been a lot of fun and lots of learning for me. Some day I would like to go into life flight. Well, at least I think I do. The flying part might be a little scary. I work a lot of nights and only a little bit of days, which has been hard. I am tired all the time. But...It's worth it. I get to be home with the kiddos more. I only have to work 3 nights a week, so that's nice. I just try to get some ZZZZzzzzz when I can so I can have energy to keep up with the boys. In August I graduated with my Masters Degree in Public Administration. I can't believe I did it!!! I'm finally done with school. It was definitely worth it, although I questioned that a lot during the program. It was an amazing program with the most exceptional teachers I could ever ask for. I feel so lucky to call myself a BYU Marriott School Alumi. I will grately miss all my wonderful friends and classmates.

Has been working very hard at work lately. Shelf Reliance just moved into their brand new building. The companie's grand opening is today!!! Yeah!!! It's a beautiful building. Bart loves working in his new office cubicle. I am so proud of him and all of his hard work! I know he does amazing things. I have been impressed by some of his most recent photo sessions. I love my man!! Bart has also been hard at work getting our yard in. At the beginning of the summer we did the rocks in the front and leveled the yard with top soil. Then came the sprinkler system, which took much longer than I had anticipated. Bart was working on the sprinklers for ever. Well...maybe just 2 or 3 weeks. Then came the black tarp in the flower beds and then the bark. Wow. Now the summer is almost over and we have only planted 3 trees. We need to get cracking.

Is 22 months!!! Holy Cow! He is such a big boy. He is sooooo stinkin' cute! Bart and I can't take our eyes off him. It's so fun to watch what he will do next. He can say dada, moma (infact on Monday night when I went to work, Bart said he pushed his workbench chair to the front room, stood on it, looked out the window and cried for "moma". Awww...that is so sad, but so cute!), juice, cheese, ah oh, woof, grwllll, brrrr (car noise), jesus (sometimes), and then he just jibber jabbers. He seems to say all kinds of words at some points, but then he doesn't always repeat them. So, I don't really add it to his word vocabulary. He is a climber and loves to climb on everything. He is really daring when it comes to climbing on the playground equipment and going down the slides. He runs all over. He loves to try and jump, but that only consists of him moving his body up and down with his feet never leaving the ground. It's so funny. He understands a lot now and is such a helper. He likes to give Kashe his paci and give him toys. Koda is finally weaned from his bottles and now just drinks milk in his sippies. Next we need to wean the binkie, I really don't want him to have buck teeth. Koda eats really well, although he still likes to trhow all his food. I am working with him on trying to have him help clean it up. Koda has a very good arm and throws everything. This sometimes ends him up in time out for a little while. He loves movies: especially Toy Story and the Mickey Mouse Christmas. He would watch Toy Story 5 times a day if we let him. haha. He also loves to read. One of his Favorite books is "My Monster Mama". He is on the move from the moment he wakes up until he goes to sleep. He is a very busy boy! I have a hard time keeping up with him.

7 months old. He is our happy boy!! He is always smiling. In fact, when he is sleeping and if you cause him to stir he will smile in his sleep. It's soooooo cute! He is adorable! We love cuddling him and making him laugh!!! He rolls and rolls to get where he wants to go. One time Bart couldn't find him and when he finally did he was between the wall and the couch. Now how in the world did he get back there??? He laughs at Koda and loves watching his older brother. He likes to play with Koda's toys and loves it when he gets to ride on Koda's back. He eats 6-7oz of his bottles every 3 hours. He also likes to gum bread, crackers, and squash. He is getting on his hands and knees and rocking. He also turns to his side and almost sits up. He is sooooo close to crawling, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. He also likes to make sounds and baby babble. It's so cute. He also has the most high pitched screams I have ever heard. He screams sometimes just to talk. He is just now starting to like baths. He didn't really like them before. He loves slashing in the water at the pool. Koda and Kashe have been to 7 peaks several times this summer and love it. Kashe is starting to darken up and tans very well. He still has no hair, although I have now just shaved his head for the 2nd time. It was really only old man's hair, so it had to all come off. He is still a super skinny little boy and very long. He is already wearing 12 mo clothes. He is getting so big. Kashe is so sweet and has a calm about him. He is patient at times and very even tempered. We are so excited because we will be sealing and blessing him this weekend. The sealing will take place in the Draper Temple. His little spirit has been so wonderful in our family. We love him so much!!!!! Kashe also loves petting Nacho. He laughs at him sometimes. :)

That's us in a nutshell. I will try and add pictures a little bit later. I hope everything makes sense. I've had some down time at work and I am almost ready to get off. It's 7:11am. :)