Friday, January 22, 2010


Just hanging out!

I Have Hands!!!

Koda found his hands!!!! Yeah!!! He is sooooo cute! He loves to just stare at his hands. He is starting to grab at things that are close to him. If he has a blanket or bib on him, he loves to pull off or put it up on his face.

First Time Sick

Poor little guy! Koda started coughing last Thursday. It kind of sounded like he had too much saliva to swallow and so was just gagging. I was hoping that's all it was. But by Friday night he was definitely sick. He was congested and had a horrible cough. It's crazy how kids get sick. I was so fanatical about sanitizing my hands and the hands of others for his first 2 months...I guess you can never be too careful without going OCD. I started to relax once my hands started cracking and sometimes bleeding. Then, he got sick....We kept Koda under close surveillance. We slept in the same room with him every night. On Saturday night we almost took him to the ER. He was having such a hard time breathing. Thanks to the baby boggie grabber we made it through the night. Now, one doctor call, one doctor visit, and some amoxicillin later, he is finally getting a little better. He had an ear infection on top of everything. Koda is just such a sweet baby. Even when he wasn't feeling very well, he always managed to crack a smile and an occasional giggle.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rock Band at the Wombles!

You could say the only person who has a chance of making Rock Band a profession is Adam, he even has the pose down. Bart scored less than 60% on everything he played even on the easy level, but had a blast.

Koda is a ladies man!

Koda has three girlfriends down in Nephi. Jeremy and Alisha's threes girls (Ray, Britt, and Cam) are in love with Koda. I hope is doesn't become a habit with all the girls.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Koda or Bart?

You need to think about this one, not as easy as you may think.

Koda or Bart?

Don't let the aged photo fool you, we could of done some photoshop magic!

9 weeks old

9 weeks old on New Years Day! Koda officially slept through the night. Yeah! He went to bed at 9:30PM and slept until 6AM. It was so nice... especially since Bart and Crystal stayed up until 2AM ringing in the new year.

8 weeks old

8 weeks old on Christmas Day!