Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Pictures

We have been so busy trying to finish the yard we haven't had anytime to update the blog. Here are some fun random pictures of what we have been up to! Enjoy

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baby x2

My two babies! Koda usually only has a bottle in the morning and before bed. But every once in awhile he has little melt downs and wants a bottle with his brother.


Grieving is a really strange thing. The night we found out about Chad's death, time seemed to stand still for about 3 weeks. Life kind of came full circle.

On most days we all seem to be getting along just fine. But then other days grief seems to overcome us for short periods of time. I guess that's our excuse for not keeping up the blog. It just seems that it has been hard to keep doing the little things.

It still doesn't seem like he's gone. His memory is still so clear. We love him and miss him so much.

We feel so grateful for the gospel and to know that we will see Chad again. Although it doesn't replace moments of sadness, peace and comfort do come knowing that we will all be together again.
We love you Chad!