Saturday, October 31, 2009

How Fun his first shampoo

what a champ!
Karissa and Mom (Loreli) hours after the birth of Koda - And YES Karissa did just deliver a baby, can you believe how good she looks.
Koda has more hair than Bart, whats up with that?

After a log wait Koda has arrived! We are happy to report that Koda and Karissa are doing great, especially Karissa she is already out training for a marathon - okay maybe that's a little much, but she did go trick or treating tonight, what a legend. Koda is a little guy, weighing in at 5 LBS 11 ounces - he is however a long one - coming in at 19 inches long. this picture was the first one taken by Bart in the nursery right before his first bath. He wasn't a big fan of having to take a bath, I guess he takes after is uncle Chad.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Koda's Nursery

This past Saturday Bart and Jeremy worked all day on creating little Koda's nursery. I can't believe how fast they did it. Jeremy is amazing!!! and so is Bart of course! :) It turned out beautiful. I love it!

This is phase I- 2 walls have beadboard 3 quarters up and then a shelf. We are just working on filling in nail holes. This next Saturday we plan to paint. Yeah!!! We are so excited to have a cute little nursery. Not that Koda will know the difference, but at least in all the pictures he will get to see how much fun we had getting ready for him.