Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Highlights

Koda started crawling!!! He is so happy to be moving around. He rocked on his hands and knees for several weeks and finally started going forward.

Koda loved that water at Payson Lakes. It was super cold, but it didn't seem to phase him.

Koda and some of his favorite cousins.

He can stand on furniture now. What a big boy!

Boys hanging out. Everyone just gravitates to Koda.

Koda's favorite past time. Bart is starting him early. He loves his ball.

June Highlights

What a long day...

We went to see Jamie in Durango, CO. It was so beautiful there.

While we were there we played in the river. Koda LOVES the water. The water was freezing cold and he still loved it.

Watching the Strawberry Days Parade.

What a cute cheesy grin!

Bart, what a sweetheart!

We entered Koda into the Strawberry Days baby contest. He didn't win, although we all know he's the cutest baby ever.