Sunday, November 16, 2008

New York summer 2008

This was on our lovely summer trip to New York.  I thought I would post this since I wanted to put something on my blog and I haven't done so in a very long time. I will do better. I will have to look for good photo ops.  
New York was wonderful! We started out in New York City. The city life was so much fun. We loved it and walked everywhere. Our next stop was Rochester. We got to visit Marisa and see family. We loved having a chance to catch up with everyone. We also got to visit the church history sites including the sacred grove. Next, it was Niagra Falls, which is where we took this picture. Then, we ended and flew home from Buffalo, NY. There I got to see my good friend Cathy. I hadn't seen her since 2000. We loved the trip!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Yep, that's right straightening perm! I love it. Let hope when I wash it in 48 hours it stays straight. People who already have beautiful straight hair are so lucky!


cott's Bday (my brother, top right)

Rob's Bday (my uncle)

Shae's Bday (our friend)


I'm just getting restless. It's time to start decorating again!
So red it is....I love it.



Our little family

Within the past year we have had several additions to our family. Nacho- back in May 2007 ( we picked him up in St. George at Brad and Kandra's after watching the Celine Deon concert. He is the smartest and cutest cat ever. He really is my little baby. I treat him like it too. I know he just a cat but he's my cat and adorable.

Marisa came to live with us at the beginning of the school year. She has been wonderful! I know she is not my child and of course she doesn't want me to treat her like that, but I do my best or at least try to do my best at some mothering. She definitely brings in a new element to our family. She has helped Bart & I, to wake up and live. She is always on the go or doing something.

Melbourne, Australia

November 2008 ~ Final Stop :(

Unfortunately our last stop just consisted of the airport. We didn't get to go out and site see. We did get to see Bart's mission companion.... and our good friend, Hutch and his wife Crystal, and their cute kids. What a great trip. Then on to the 15 hours plane ride (or around there)...we got hooked up with non-stop movies, music, games, tv shows, and some sleep. What a trip!!! 

PS- And yes it's true it was for Bart's work. I promise he did a lot of working to. It was a successful trip. I was lucky to go along for the ride. 

Darwin, NT, Australia

November 2007 ~  4th STOP

This stop was paradise. Bart served in Darwin 3 months and I was here 6 months. This place was truly a dream vacation. During the dry season the weather is perfect. During the wet season it has all the makings of a tropical paradise- hot, humid, huge downpour thunderstorms (about 3 times) a day, beautiful beaches (despite the box jelly fish and crocs), and wonderful people.

On this trip we got to see so many familiar faces. It was wonderful to catch up and enjoy a slice of heaven. We stayed with Shelly! We had were able to catch up on good times and laugh. 

My brother Scott promised that one day when he makes a lot of money he will buy us a place in Darwin...that would truly be a dream!!

Brisbane, Australia

November 2008~ 3rd STOP

Very exciting!! Brisbane was beautiful. It was a little cool and overcast. We stayed on a high rise that was a little scary. As you would look out the hotel room window it was a long way down. You could see a lot of the city from our view. It was our first time visiting Brisbane. We were able to catch up with some old mission buddies. Bailey and his wife Amanda (and there cute little boy, sorry can't remember the name) and Savage and his wife (I think they had 2 kids at home). It brings back old memories to see them. It was very surreal. We also go to see, from a distance the Brisbane temple. It was beautiful... over-looking this huge gorge. Bailey & Amanda took us to Surfer's Paradise, along the coast. I think it's part of the famous "Gold Coast".

Sunday, April 27, 2008


November 2007~ SECOND STOP
What can I say...we loved it!!! It was good to be back at our mission roots. It was a sweet experience. We got to see President & Sister Pressler and have dinner with them. He is keeping busy as Bishop. We also got to catch up with Lynn, Maxine & Lance, The Kings, and The Trainos. Bart was amazing at navigating around the city. I had forgotten how to get anywhere.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


November 2007~
What a trip! We made it back, can you believe it? Bart...the lucky duck, got to go over on business and I got to tag along. I was not complaining. It was like a dream. 

We started out in Sydney. Absolutely georgeous! It was nice warm weather. As we walked out to the bay where the Sydney Opera House was, it was very windy. We learned that when the opera house was constructed it was meant to look like a ship with sails. I think they did a pretty good job.  

The Sydney Harbor Bridge was
 massive. I couldn't believe how tall it was. They actually had tours where you could walk up on top of the bridge.I don't think I could have done that. Heights are not my thing.

 We stayed in an area called King's Cross- which we found out later has a shady reputation. We stayed in the Holiday Inn, which was actually very nice. We walked everywhere in Sydney. We ate great food, went to little China Town, walked beautiful gardens, found the local church branch, went shopping, and ate Baramundi. Bart's business trip aspect went very well and we enjoyed every minute. 4 days of excitement!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Feb. 9, 2008 ~Break

Four days off! I can breathe a sigh of relief. I decided to spend this little break slightly different. This was apparent as the turbulance began...did I mention I was thousands of feet above the Colorado Rockies. Nothing too significant other than I didn't want to have the same fate as the plane in "Lost" (maybe now was ironic timing for Bart and I to become addicted to that show). Needless to say, we landed just perfect! A small enternity later, I found myself standing on the curb at the Denver International Airport. It was crazy to think that just several hours before I had left a slate gray, wintery, and 20 degrees cold Salt Lake City, UT. Here I was now, gazing at the beautiful landscape. Blue sky with small tufts of thin cottony clouds, calm prairie landscape, snow painted mountains, and 50 degrees! Breath taking.

I'm actually here to watch Jamie's 3 kids: Matthew-4, Ashley-3, and Brandon-18mo. We swapped. I came here and Jeff and Jamie went to Utah. Yeah right, they actually went to Hawii (lucky ducks). No I'm not crazy. And her kids are so cute! I love it! I'm always up for an adventure.