Thursday, June 2, 2011

While Daddy's Working

Bart hard at work. We actually rented a trencher several weeks ago. It was a waste. The ground was too wet to even dig. Bart loves manual labor!!
While Bart was out working on the sprinkler system we took some photos...

I love this picture of Kashe. It's a little blurry, but I love it! Anytime we start talking to Kashe his little face lights up with the biggest smile. Even when it's dark and we're trying to get him to sleep...if you look down at him he will just smile. This is his strategy to stay up later and not go to bed. :)

My Aunt Shareen gave us a bunch of outdoor toy trucks (they were Nathan's growing up). Koda loves them.


Koda loves shoes!!! He tries on mine and Bart's. He thought it was pretty fun walking in these healed sandals. The other day he loaded our whole laundry basket with Bart's shoes. Who thought shoes could be so intriguing and fun to play with? I love it!!!