Friday, July 18, 2014

Kai guy burgers and fries is 5mo old!

Kai is five months old today! He is such a happy baby. 

He likes being talked to, he likes being tickled, and loves kicking his feet. When we went swimming a couple of days ago he kicked and kicked and kicked. He loves swimming. He's also getting pretty wild when he eats his bottle. He kicks so much you can barely eat. It's so funny. 

His laugh is so cute! And he loves smiling. He still eats every three hours and he eats 6 ounces. He has tried a little bit of orange squash and some of mommies frozen yogurt. He eats around 9 PM or 11 PM and sleeps usually until 530 or 830a.

He sits really well in his Bumbo. He rolls all the time front and back. He loves playing with toys. And he loves his brothers entertaining him. Kashe got him laughing this morning. 

He brings such a sweet spirit into our home.

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